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Have Fun with Your Cake and Eat it Too, with Cake Art!

Cake decoration has come a long way from the round or square cakes that many people today grew up with, simply decorated with some fluffy icing and maybe even fruit or candy on top. Today, the idea of cake decoration has completely changed and those simple adornments simply don't cut it anymore. Cake decoration has actually taken on a whole new form, called cake art; and for this, many embellishments and adornments can be used to decorate a cake, including:

  • Piped and/or edible flowers
  • Sprinkles, candy, candied food such as lemon (or even bacon!), sugar flowers, and other edible decorations
  • Edible Photographs
  • Elegant and finely detailed piped cake art and artwork
  • Luscious butter cream or whipped cream icings
  • Elegant and classy fondants
  • Extra creative one-dimensional artwork, such as the Ying Yang symbol or another meaningful symbol
  • Two and three-dimensional artwork including grand structures such as Big Ben or other landmarks using cake and icing on a base of crispy rice treats
  • And just about any other thing you can think of!

Cake Art as a Hobby or a Business
Because cake art is something that yields a finished piece that is not only delicious, but beautiful as well, the art has really taken off! Millions of people have taken to fine-tuning their cake art skills in their own kitchens; and many of these folks have taken it a step further by starting their own cake art decorating business. A lot of it is because cake art is really exciting, and because starting a business in it is relatively simple with so many resources available:

  • Online or correspondence cake art classes
  • Many tutorials and cake art guides available for those who don't have the time or money for formal education
  • Step-by-step guides on what is needed, and how to start a cake art business
  • Cake art tools such as piping bags, piping tips, cutters, and shapers to help with cake art design

You can truly do so much with cake art! Not only can you put whatever you want on cakes to make them beautiful masterpieces, but you can also take cake art in so many directions! Always have the best cakes at the bake sale, prepare gorgeous cakes for your families and friends, or really take off with cake art and start your own business with it!

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