"I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you’ve done to help advance me in my baking career.  With out you I probably would have found another calling in Life.  I’ll never forget the guidance, care, & love you put into everything.  I’ll never forget where my roots are and the happiness I shared."

Niko S

"...thank you for all the knowledge I have gotten out of being in your class.  I have learned so much – It has been a pleasure."

Sue S.

"Always fun – Always learning something from you!"


"Thanks again & again, your talents never end!!"


"I learned so much and actually liked it.  I also thank you for getting me an opportunity for a career."

Mike F.

"You are my best teacher I’ll remember you forever."

Masami Y.

"In appreciation with utmost respect and gratitude for the professionalism and patience you have shared with us.  Thank you so much and hope for your continued success."

Zidda H

"Thanks for being such a good teacher and all of the love you put on what you do.  Thanks for sharing!!!"

Claudia M.

"... thank you for all your inspiration and motivation this year.  This class is the best thing I ever did for myself."

Andrea B.

"Thank you again for your help, patience & teaching me how to bake."


"Thank you so much for being patient with me.  I'm glad to have you as our instructor.  I really look up to you."

Rhea T.

It's been a great experience learning from you!  Thank you for your time, devotion and love for the craft of baking!"


"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you have given me."

Cynthia C.

"Thank you for all of your help I learned a lot of new techiques that I will use..."

Joey A.

"I would like to thank you once again, I really learned a lot from you and can't wait to continue taking more classes from you."


"My name is Amanda and this is the first time that I have ever done any sort of cake or cupcake decorating and at first I was very very nervous, but so far it is going very well and I'm very proud of my creations and I'm really really enjoying this wonderful class so thank you."

Amanda C.

"Hi my name is Sarah and I think the class is like very creative and I really like all the colors that she brought and she help us like a lot,... she helped me do all the flowers and oh my gosh they look all the same... in the end I think they look really pretty, and we had a lot of materials to work with, it was a lot of fun!"