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Chef Susan Holtz is proud of her many former students who have been inspired to succeed in developing their own baking and catering businesses, become trusted bakers, bakery supervisors, pastry chefs, home economics teachers, chefs, television contestants and contest winners, restaurant managers, and more!

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Chef Susan Holtz

Award –Winning Instructor

Excellence in Teaching awarded to Chef Susan Holtz from the California Council for Adult Education, the largest professional organization serving adult education in California.

I was honored to be recognized for excellence in teaching from such a prestigious organization and deeply touched when I realized that some of my students attended the event. (I think that each had to purchase a ticket! —That made it even more amazing!)

Susan’s Gallery

Adult Classes

Adults have several choices for learning at the academy, whether they’re dedicated hobbyists or working to advance their careers in baking and cake decorating.

  • Beginner and Advanced Continuing Education courses – the same courses that have launched countless careers in baking and cake decorating for over 25 years, and made experts out of hobbyists.
  • Master classes – offered throughout the year on various skills and topics
  • Private and semi-private lessons
  • Birthday parties, showers, milestone celebrations and more
  • Gift certificates are available

Chef Susan Holtz dedicated to her students’ success

Each student comes to me with a unique skill level which needs encouragement every step of the way!

Blogs by Susan Holtz

Calibrating Your Oven

Ok, I admit I am a “control freak” and a perfectionist, especially when I bake. And those traits help when I want consistent, predictable results. You will achieve baking perfection when you control your measuring accuracy, ingredient temperatures, mixing methods,...

NANAIMO BARS-The Most Requested Confection!

A Decadent Confection When my husband and I visited beautiful Vancouver a few years ago- we missed learning about a Nanaimo Bar! ERR—A confection famous in British Columbia- not a social destination! 😊 Once you taste one--you need at least one more-so rich and...

National Eat a Cranberry Day

My mom loved to cook and bake! Thanksgiving was an important family time—my dad actually took the day off—mostly—from his business and that meant everyone enjoyed the day. One thing my mom did not make was cranberry sauce. We had homemade everything else but the CS...

Success Rate

Chef Susan Holtz has scores of former students now working in the culinary arts.

Happy students.
“The Beginning Cake Decorating CTE Course has been an immense help for my confidence /knowledge as I begin my new career in the baking field. I feel like I have a solid core of knowledge(piping/preparing cakes) which I can use to practice and master my hand skills….has opened my mind to a much larger range of possibilities of projects that I can do. ”
Brett Y.
“I relocated to Los Angeles and searched for months to find the right cake decorating classes/school. There is no better teacher or curriculum that combines the hands on training with one-on-one attention that students need to become  a successful cake decorator.  Chef Susan is a great teacher and mentor, and I highly recommend the Baking and Cake Art Academy to anyone looking for a career in cake decorating!”
Colin O.
“Coming from a background with no cake experience whatsoever I have learned an amazing amount of information on how to make beautiful cakes. This class has been a great learning experience with a great teacher!”
Marcela T.
“I took elementary classes at different places and realized I really enjoyed decorating cakes and wanted to take it to the next level. I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I have learned in the beginner and advanced classes. I have made so many cakes for so many different events. With the technical skills I have learned I feel I can make cakes with confidence when I retire! These classes will challenge you to achieve your skills to the next level!”
Dawna Butala

“Chef Susan has exemplified professionalism with superior experiences that made this class a fun learning experience.”

Emma B.

Chef Susan’s Space Bars

For bakers and cake decorators.
Set of 4 different heights.
Now attain consistent thickness for any rolled doughs.

Chef Susan's 52 Secrets of Perfect Baking & Cake Decorating


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