Ready to unleash a little creativity? Fall is the perfect time to take a cake decorating class in Los Angeles. Whether your taste runs from the elegant to the ridiculous, you’ll find something just right.

For a truly magnificent autumn dessert, take a three-part cake decorating class on using gum paste. This medium is pliable, flexible and very forgiving, even for the beginning cake decorating student. You’ll learn how to handle gum paste and shape it into life-like fall pieces like oak leaves, seed pods, rose hips and Chinese Lanterns. Once shaped, the gum paste is then colored and details are added. This step is what makes gum paste decorations so remarkably true-to-life.

Finally, the pieces are assembled and wired together for a stunning cake topper decoration. You’ll want to showcase this piece, so be sure to plan a gathering of your family and friends when you bring this masterpiece home.

Cake Decorating Classes for Kid in Los Angeles

Cake decorating classes in Los Angeles are not jut for the grownups, either! Kids are welcome in on the act, and can take two classes of their own this fall. From monstrous cupcakes to wickedly delightful cake pops, your little bakers will be creating amazing treats!

Designed for ages nine and up, these cake decorating classes in Los Angeles will help  your children learn the basics of handling cakes, simple icing techniques, and how to properly use decorator icing bags and tips to create imaginative pieces.

The cupcake class will have them turning out monsters, werewolves and other devilish treats, with just a few simple tips and some coloring ideas. So much fun, and really so simple to learn, cake decorating is a wonderful new hobby your children can share with the whole family.

Once they’ve mastered making monster cupcakes, it’s time to set them loose on a batch of Halloween cake pops. Simple and fun, these cake pops are a delightful treat to give to friends at your Halloween get-together. They’ll start by learning how to assemble the cake on the stick, then use a simple decorator’s technique for a smooth coat of icing. Next comes the creativity, as the pops turn into snarling monsters, big eyed aliens and other delicious delights. It’s easy to learn, and they can teach their friends at home.

Use this time of year to learn something new and take a cake decorating class in Los Angeles. Whether you want to learn to impress your friends with your amazing skills, or find a fun new hobby you and your children can share, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Cake decorating truly is a hobby for the entire family. Armed with a few simple tools, and some great instruction from a master baker, you’ll be able to turn any occasion into a celebration. Never eat a boring cake again!

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