What to Know Before You Take a Cake Decorating Class in Los Angeles

So you are ready to begin learning how to decorate cakes, and you’re considering signing up for a cake decorating class in Los Angeles. You might be wondering what you need to know before you get there, to be prepared for this new experience.

The good news? You don’t need to know a thing about cakes, icing or decorating techniques! Cake decorating is one of those things that almost anyone can learn. Armed only with a positive attitude and a desire to create, you will soon find yourself rolling, icing, and decorating with ease.

The key to a good cake decorating class experience lies in finding the right instructor and the right class for your experience and interest level. Want to create something absolutely gorgeous? Consider signing up for the Autumn Floral gum paste class. This three-part series will teach you the basics of working with gum paste. You’ll begin by learning how to handle it and what it can do. You’ll learn basic coloring techniques, and how to add details to turn the gum paste into life-like renditions of autumn florals and leaves.

Finally you’ll learn how to assemble and wire it all together, for a truly stunning cake topper. You will simply be amazed at what you’ll be able to create. And with what you learn in the class, you’ll soon be trying your hand on other motifs and holiday themes.

If you have a budding baker in your family, consider taking a kid’s class with them. They can try their hand using decorator icing and tips, plus professional coloring techniques, to turn out scary silly monsters, creepy crawlers and other assorted demons.

The Creepy Cupcake class makes a nice small birthday party experience, and the kids will not only create some amazing and monstrously good cake art, they also get to take it home and eat it!

Cake pops are another trend that the kids love. Bring them to a class where they’ll make their very own Halloween Monster cake pops. They get to assemble, ice and decorate their little creepy creations to their heart’s desire, and will go home with a new skill they can use for any holiday.

This time of year is perfect for trying something new and preparing for the holidays. Sign up for your cake decorating class in Los Angeles and see what you can create! You just might amaze yourself!

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