Have you ever eyed the fancy desserts at a restaurant or a bakery and wondered in awe, “How’d they do that?” Maybe you’ve tried your hand at whipped cream and homemade cupcakes from scratch and are ready to move on to things like flan, meringue or ganache. Either way, Baking and Cake Art Academy’s cake decorating videos are here to assist you. No more fumbling with a bulky cookbook filled with hard to read and hard to understand techniques, no more taking hours of your week to go to in-person cake decorating classes. With the online cake decorating videos that Baking and Cake Art Academy offers, you can do it all online and on time.

Baking and Cake Art Academy is an online school where you can learn almost anything about baking, decorating and cake art. These online cake decorating videos have something to offer whether you are a beginner who’s never baked anything that wasn’t from a box or a professional baker with your own specialty cake business or a skill set that falls anywhere in between! If you are a beginner, don’t be deterred by the fear of technical jargon and techniques that you can’t understand. The instructor has designed each and every cake decorating video to be enjoyed by people ages 7 and up and the classes start at just $.99!

The classes are taught by Susan Holtz, award winning pastry master chef, artist and instructor. She brings a unique approach to teaching and strives to support entrepreneurs all the while being eco-conscious.

The ease of use and the ease on your pocketbook make these classes invaluable. The cake decorating video library is similar to and is as easy to use as an iTunes library. You simply sign up and create an account, enter your billing information and get started. As an added bonus, you can choose to watch an introduction to each class before you decide to purchase it.
There are three categories of time you can choose to spend on cake decorating videos, 10-30 minutes, 5-10 minutes and under 5 minutes. The categories of lessons range from the necessities such as whipped cream, a simple cake or frosting to specialty items such as flour and gluten free desserts as well as fat free frosting. Now a days, if you have a specialty cake business you will most likely be asked to bake some sort of diet-specific pastry for people with diabetes, gluten or nut allergies, dairy allergies, etc., so having these videos at your disposal could prove very practical.

While at Baking and Cake Art Academy’s page, check out the Introductions page to view all of the affirmations and thanks written by the students to the instructor for her guidance and patience. The cake decorating videos you’ll find are not just informative, they are actually entertaining and keep the viewer engaged throughout.
The cake decorating videos can essentially take you from beginner to intermediate working at a rate that is comfortable for you. The availability of all this knowledge being not only at your fingertips, but also at the click of a button, will bring you back to Baking and Cake Art Academy again and again. There is no other website that offers cake decorating videos with the same caliber of instruction, ease of use or affordability.

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