It seems that you can learn everything you want to know on the internet these days, yet instructions aren’t always clear or correct. If you are someone who wants to learn to bake or just hone the baking skills you already have, you may turn to the internet for help. If you wanted to try a meringue for the first time, which can be very tricky and temperamental, you would want to be sure you are learning the correct technique to aide your success. One sure fire place to look for baking and cake decorating videos is on the Baking and Cake Art Academy site. They have classes on baking, not just desserts, but breakfast pastries, breads, choux, scones and so much more. Whether you’re an experienced baker with your own successful shop or a mother with free time (who’s ever heard of such a thing?), one of the greatest attributes of these cake decorating videos is that the classes grow with you so you’re never stunted in your growth as an artist.

At Baking and Cake Art Academy, you can watch cake decorating videos right in your own kitchen. The ease of never having to leave home to learn new skills is tremendously appealing for busy people as is the cost with cake decorating video classes starting at just $.99.

With entrepreneurship as a focal point, Baking and Cake Art Academy really puts the icing on the cake. You can choose categories of interest and peruse the baking and cake decorating classes offered for each category. Every class has an introduction that you can read or watch before deciding to enroll yourself in the class.

The blog on the site is updated frequently with pertinent information as well as encouraging stories and helpful tips. Susan Holtz is the award-winning instructor for Baking and Cake Art Academy. She’s created cake decorating videos for those 7 and up. All of the baking and cake decorating videos are 30 minutes or less so you can learn and then implement your new skills immediately.

Imagine presenting your family with an amazingly decorated and tasty gourmet cake for your next celebration. Sometimes the concern with online classes is that professionals don’t often have a lot to gain. Susan Holtz has taken that into consideration with all of her baking and cake decorating videos and strives to ensure there is something of interest to every skill level at Baking and Cake Art Academy.

Baking and Cake Art Academy’s videos cost you a tiny bit of money, and you may be able to get something similar on YouTube for free. So why should someone pay? Baking and Cake Art videos come with a full recipe, with instructions that can be downloaded, a list of main the ideas are provided for you before you begin the video, and also a review of the main points. You also receive informative hints from a pastry chef with years of experience for just $.99c-$1.99. So these are not your typical online learning videos. These are actual online lessons. And to have them all in one location, organized for your convenience and browsing, is not something you can expect from the free videos scattered about on the rest of the internet.

Getting started is painless. After registering your account at Baking and Cake Art Academy, you can immediately start picking out your baking and cake decorating videos! After you read the introduction to the classes, you simply choose the one you want to start with and click the button that takes you to the billing page. The cake decorating classes can be purchased using Discover, AMEX, MasterCard or VISA. After validating your information, you can start your class immediately. Susan’s teaching style is such that even those that have been out of a learning environment for some time will be comfortable. Susan Holtz is a very accomplished instructor and teacher who believes encouragement is the key to any students success. With the ease of use, the caliber of the instructor and the affordability of the cake decorating videos, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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